Mini Makeover

I moved into my apartment back in May. I consolidated from a two-bedroom down to a one-bedroom. In order to make things fit and work best for me, I opted to sell my dining table and chairs so I could use the dining room more like an office (I have bar stools and a couch … so I’m good for a place to eat). Since I moved in, the office area has been extremely cluttered and extremely annoying to me. So, I did a mini makeover on it. I thought I’d share the before and after pictures with you. I still need to take care of the window treatment. It’s certainly not staying the way it is in the after picture!

Before (This picture was actually taken on a super neat and clean day; imagine things MUCH worse):


OK, so I know it doesn’t look THAT different in the pictures, but it really looks a lot better, and it doesn’t frustrate me when I walk in the room anymore. Woo hoo! :O)

2 thoughts on “Mini Makeover

  1. Hey Rachelle! I have just made it over to your blog. How are you? Your make over looks great! I wish I had that kind of organization skill. I still need to get the baby’s nursery cleaned out…and I’m just running out of room in our apartment. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!I miss you!


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