Game On!

Joseph and I are starting the Game On Diet tomorrow. We’ll be competing against our friends Matt and Crystal. I’m really excited!

If you’d like a thorough run through of the diet, you can go to Basically, we earn points for doing things like eating healthy meals (we’re doing a different meal plan than the one outlined in the book), exercising at least 20 minutes daily, drinking 3 liters of water daily, breaking a bad habit, developing a good habit, and getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night. We can lose points for things such as unauthorized snacking or conspiring with another player (i.e. “If we both eat a brownie, it’ll be OK.”). The only time actual weight loss comes into play is for the weekly bonus. If you lose at least 1% of your total body weight, you can earn a lot of bonus points for the week. I’m really excited because this seems like a fun way to stay motivated, especially for competitive people like myself.

Joseph and I are already on the right track for a strong first week. During lunch today, we planned out our meals for the whole week. Then we went to the grocery store and purchased everything we would need. After that, we came back to my apartment and prepped everything. We portioned out some of our food to ensure we’re eating a proper serving. Check out my refrigerator:

The grapes are counted out and in plastic containers so they’re easy to toss into a lunchbox. The yogurt is already portioned out so that it just needs the frozen fruit added in the mornings.

The cheese and salsa are even portioned out into little cups so they’re easy to toss into a lunchbox. (Lunches will include a southwest chicken wrap.)

Even the chicken for the wraps is portioned out into little baggies. :O)

I couldn’t leave out a picture of the freezer. It looks so nice and organized! Joseph did that for me. He really is the BEST boyfriend EVER! I’m looking forward to doing this diet/game with him. I know he’ll be a great partner.

This is us, totally excited about starting our diet/game. I’ll keep you posted on how we do. Please keep us in your prayers as we make some much-needed changes in how we approach eating. Alrighty, I must go to bed in the next few minutes if I’m going to get in my 7 hours of sleep! Gotta get those points!!

The Challenge of Saturday

OK, I did it yesterday … I got in 100 ounces of water before bed! I need to do that again today. The challenge: it’s Saturday! I get so distracted doing things on Saturday that I don’t pay attention to what I eat or drink. OK, mini game plan: consume 20 ounces of water before I walk out of the door for Rachel’s shower in 35 minutes. I can do it!

White Trash and Water

I am really struggling with the white trash in the kitchen.

HAHA! I knew that would get your attention!

White Trash is a snack/dessert that consists of Chex cereal, chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. You may know it as Puppy Chow. I’ve already had 2 servings of it! I threw my plate away to remove the immediate temptation of helping myself to a 3rd serving. Here’s hoping that actually works! I love that stuff!

Now, moving along from my temptation to my goal.

I’ve been struggling all week (insert my whole life) with drinking enough water each day. My goal is 80-100 ounces daily. Ultimately, I would like to hit the 100 ounce mark each day. One day, my work day was almost over, and I realized I had only consumed 4 ounces of water! That left a mere 96 ounces to consume before bed. Needless to say, I did not reach my goal that day! I haven’t reached it a single day this week.

I will reach it today!

I’m trying to break it down throughout the day:

20 ounces by 10:00
40 ounces by 12:00
60 ounces by 2:00
80 ounces by 4:00
100 ounces by bed

I put this plan together around 11:00, so I’m trying to get in 40 ounces within an hour. Hey, I can do it! I just have to make myself do it! Ah, I just finished off the first 20. Only 37 minutes left to finish 20 more! I’ll keep you posted! (Because I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat wondering if I’ll meet my goal today!!)

**UPDATE** I finished 40 ounces by 11:56! I had 4 minutes to spare!!! Do you think I can finish 20 more by 2:00? I do!

**UPDATE** I finished 60 ounces by 1:57! Gotta go … hehe …

**UPDATE** I finished 80 ounced by 3:25!! Not to sound boastful, but I’m really proud of myself! I think I just needed to make drinking water a challenge – rather than just challenging. (Yes, I see a difference in those two things!)

I feel I must also confess: I had a 3rd serving of white trash. It was right there when I went to get my water out of the refrigerator, and I gave into the temptation. Sigh … you win some, you lose some. :O)

**UPDATE** I did it! I got in the 100 ounces of water before I went to bed!! YAY!!

My Beloved Gift from God

Most of my faithful readers (I’m sure there are SO many of you, haha) already know that I have the joy of being Joseph Adams’s girlfriend. He is such a gift from the Lord, and I am so incredibly blessed to have him in my life. So, I thought it was time to blog about him. Keep in mind that I have a tendency to forget a lot of things. If you need more details, ask Joseph (he’s definitely a details guy), or maybe read his blog (
In the fall, the Lord led me to Southside Fellowship, and in February, I forced myself to join a community group (sorry if it sounds terrible to say I forced myself, but God was pulling me up out of a time of depression). The community group was for twenty-something singles, so it seemed like it could be a good fit. A lot of singles join community groups (or even churches) for the purpose of finding a mate. That was not my motivation at all. In fact, at the time, I was actually getting used to being single and living alone. I knew I was getting “set in my ways,” and I really wasn’t sure how well someone else would “fit into” my life. Plus, because of my history and how I had been hurt in the past, I wasn’t exactly looking for someone to date and break up with in my community group … because then I might have had to look for a new community group (I know, faulty and pessimistic thinking, but true and honest nonetheless).
After a couple of months, I felt more comfortable with the group, and if I was asked to hang out, I said yes. Joseph sent me a text message telling me that a group was meeting up downtown for dinner and to hang out, and I told him I’d like to go. When I got there, it turned out to be Joseph, Jami, and me. All 3 of us enjoy photography, so it worked out well. In addition to being a fun evening where I learned a few things that improved my photography skills, I learned more about Joseph and got to know him a little better. I entered a state of intrigue (for those of you who don’t know my stages, intrigue comes before crush, haha).
Early in the year, I did a good job sticking to my goal of trying a new recipe every month. As I would try a new recipe, I would post a picture on Facebook. One Sunday, I cooked chicken and dumplings, and I garnished the plate with a green peep (it was the only green food I had!!). Looking back, that silly decision was one of the best I’ve ever made. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it was inspired by the Lord. You may be laughing and wondering why in the world a peep garnish was a good idea. It was that peep garnish that really got Joseph and I talking … well, texting at first. We went back and forth with different ideas for cookbooks that consisted of peep-based recipes (my most recent suggestion was “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peeps: A Collection of Recipes to Meet All Your Wedding Needs”). I know it sounds really silly, but it got us communicating.
Friday, May 1st, several of us from our community group decided to go see the X-Men movie. As usual, I was running late. Joseph, being the gentleman he is, offered to purchase my ticket so I wouldn’t have to wait in line and could go straight to the theater. On Sunday, I found him in the back of the worship center (Joseph is the Media Director at Southside Fellowship), and I gave him $10 to cover my ticket. As I was leaving the parking lot, Joseph called me. “I’ve recently come into some extra money. Would you like to go to lunch with me?” Nervously, I said yes, and we agreed to meet at Kyoto Express. On the way, I called my dear friend, Crystal Lancaster, and I freaked out on her voicemail!

Comfort Food

What is it about comfort food that makes it so incredibly tempting? OK, I know the answer is in the question: comfort food is comforting.

I’ve been doing semi-OK with my diet this week (I’m going to write a separate post for that), but I fell off the wagon today. I felt YUCKY, and I found myself justifying purchasing two different kinds of cookies from the Walmart bakery and a slushie from Sonic. (With the slushie, I felt like I was making a somewhat better choice over ice cream, and I chose the apple juice slushie, which at least gave me some Vitamin C! HAHA!)

There’s a chance I’ve set myself back a couple of days just because I felt I had the right to consume extra calories. Did I? Maybe … but probably not. It’s all a matter of getting myself to the point where I’m thinking of the big picture. Today as I was walking around Walmart and driving toward Sonic, I was only thinking of the pain and discomfort I was feeling. I wanted something to help soothe those feelings, and food is my longtime friend. If I had stopped and thought about my goal of losing 20 pounds by the time we fly out to Montana in mid-October, maybe I would have only purchased 1 box of cookies instead of 2 (hey, I’m not perfect!), and maybe I would have purchased a Route 44 water instead of a slushie AND a Diet Dr Pepper with vanilla.

So, here’s hoping I can learn to find some balance between my desire to consume comfort foods and my desire to lose weight!


One of my new favorite things to do with Joseph (a.k.a. the love of my life) is “splitties”. This comes in two forms: 1) We share one entree, split in half or 2) We order two entrees and each eat half. We’re working on choosing the former more often so that we’re eating less food, but the latter option is GREAT! I love being able to choose two items from a menu. :O)

We shared one entree from Oriental House the other night, and it was perfect. Typically, we both order our own entrees, and they’re typically the same entree. We both end up being SO full afterward, and we’ve said several times that we should just order one entree and split it. So we finally did. We both enjoyed our dinner, and we didn’t feel over-full afterward. We’ll definitely split entrees more often.

And for those of you who might be wondering about my cheesecake, Joseph and I split it, too! Again, perfect! If I had eaten the entire piece, I would have likely felt sick because it is so rich. Instead, I shared the joy of my cheesecake with the one who brings so much joy to my life. You certainly can’t go wrong with that. :O)

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake and a Possible New Dieting Strategy

There is a piece of vanilla bean cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory sitting in my refrigerator. When I got up this morning, that was one of the most exciting things on my agenda (birthday cake was high up there as well … yes, I do know I’m on a diet). Oh how things can change in just an instant. On the way to The Cheesecake Factory, I got really upset about something, and I’ve been upset since then. So I haven’t touched my cheesecake.

Typically, I’m an emotional eater. If I’m sad, lonely, depressed, joyful, celebratory, or pretty much any other emotion, I want to eat. So it always catches me off guard when I lose my appetite completely, especially for something I wanted so badly and had been looking forward to for a couple of weeks. I usually know that means I’m upset for real (you know, as opposed to all of the other times when I’m upset for fake … ).

Perhaps this could be a new dieting strategy for me. Every time I really want something I shouldn’t eat, I’ll just have someone upset me tremendously. Then I won’t want to eat it. I’m not sure what this strategy will do to my emotional health, but I sure will look good.