Joseph and I made a quick trip to Conway over the weekend. We arrived late Friday evening, and we left late Saturday afternoon. I hate that it had to be such a short trip, but it was a really good one.

My cousin Katie and Aunt Kathie hosted a really nice shower for us at the church where I grew up. We had a pretty good turn out, and we received a lot of nice gifts. It was so good seeing people I hadn’t seen in years. My favorite gift was a set of dessert/salad plates from my grandmother Kirkpatrick. She and Pop Pop received them as a wedding gift almost 61 years ago, and they look almost brand new! They made a really sweet gift that will mean a lot to us over the years.

Yesterday afternoon, we went over to Grandmama and Pop Pop’s house for a litte while. It was a little surreal seeing this and knowing it may have been the last time I ever visited them in their house in Conway:
My grandparents have lived in their house for almost 50 years, and they’re now selling it and moving to the Charleston area. I know that will be a great move for them, but it’s still hard for me thinking of them being somewhere other than the house where they’ve been my entire life. I have so many fond memories there. But those memories aren’t going anywhere!

While we were there, my grandparents mentioned that my grandmother has 3 sewing machines. My first thought was “I have 2 I don’t use, so I probably don’t need another one.” Then my grandmother started telling me that her old Singer, while needing some TLC, was always the best machine she had. I really do want to learn to sew, and having a good, sturdy machine would certainly be helpful. So … now I have a “new” sewing machine!

It’s made into a nice cabinet, and it has a coordinating stool.

I’m going to attempt to recover the seat of the stool with the fabric that matches my desk. :O)

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