I’m Proud of My Decision!

Joseph and I celebrated an anniversary today. One year ago today, Joseph asked me to be his girlfriend (hehe). (I said yes.) He asked me after we had eaten lunch at Moe’s, one of our favorite little restaurants. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Moe’s, think Mexican food, Subway style. You go down the line and tell them what you want on your meal. It’s GREAT! In honor of our anniversary, Joseph and I decided to eat lunch at Moe’s today.

The Billy Barou is my favorite Moe’s entree. It’s basically chicken nachos … a pile of tortilla chips, chicken, shredded cheese, black beans, lettuce, and a whole lot of queso. MMMM!
I knew from previous research that the Billy Barou is pretty fattening … as in 94 or 96 grams of fat fattening. I didn’t know how many Weight Watchers points were in it, though. So, before we went to lunch, I did the research. Moe’s website has one of the BEST nutritional guides I’ve ever seen. You can add and remove ingredients and watch how it affects the overall nutritional value of the menu item. I love it. Once I built a Billy Barou the way I enjoy eating it, I plugged in all of the info to calculate the WW points … a whopping 38! With my extra points I’m allowed to use during the week, I could have eaten it. I just didn’t feel right about it.
That led me to do more research. I plugged in several different menu items and calculated the points values for them. I discovered that a chicken rice bowl (minus the chipotle ranch dressing) was 10 points. That’s still a lot of points in Weight Watchers world, but it was definitely more doable.
I felt good going to Moe’s knowing that I was armed with the knowledge to make a sound, educated decision. I could eat the Billy Barou if I wanted. I would just have to take the 38 points. Or I could eat one of several other options for fewer points. I ended up choosing the rice bowl, and I’m really proud of my decision. I was actually full about halfway through it, which means I didn’t even consume all 10 points!
I wrote all of the information down in the back of my Dining Out Companion (unfortunately, Moe’s isn’t featured in the book, but there are several pages for notes in the back of the book). Now we’ll be prepared if we choose to go to Moe’s again. I feel good about that!
Side note … I was up .4 pounds this week. Based on where I am in my cycle (sorry if that was TMI!!), I’m not worried at all about .4 pounds! I’m glad it wasn’t 10!!
I hope you all have a great weekend!