Day 8 – Pink Rain

Joseph and I were driving home this evening, and I noticed several puddles of pink under the trees we were passing. I thought they would make lovely photos, but I knew I would want to get on the ground to take them, and I was wearing a white skirt. Joseph suggested that we go home so I could change and then drive back. That man is a genious. I took a couple of these pictures while I was laying in a puddle in a church parking lot. Joseph very graciously was holding an umbrella over me so the camera wouldn’t get wet. I love him.

3 thoughts on “Day 8 – Pink Rain

  1. And we love you both!! Thanks for sharing your art with us, Rachelle. Makes me long for Heaven …(Oh. And GOOD JOB JOE! Way to live out servant headship. SDG! I love it. And I love you both.)


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