Blog #4 – Totally Reasonable

If you know me, you understand why I have four separate blogs. For those of you who don’t know me, I’ll explain. I’m one of those people who has separate journals for everything – prayer journal, travel journal, diaryesque journal, etc. It seems easier to me to segregate my life into separate journals, and I’ve taken the same approach with blogging. People who are interested in my photography blog may not be interested in my everydaylife blog, and people interested in my everydaylife blog may not be interested in my weightloss blog, and, of course, the people who read those blogs (people do read them, right?) may not be interested one bit in this new blog. So, long story short, I segregate my blogs for the sake of my readers, not because I’m neurotic.

I’ve contemplated starting a craft blog for a long time now. It’s not because I’m awesome at crafting or because I craft every day (neither of those two things is true). Craft blogging just seems to have helped so many others grow in their crafting abilities. Surely it could help me as well.

I’m starting with a clean desk (I didn’t have a slate). When we bought our house, we created a large desk for me that would hopefully be ideal for crafting. The work surface is made from a door, so it’s 80 inches wide by 30 inches deep. This is one of the first times it has been free of piles of stuff!

The door rests on top of bookshelves, so I have a lot of storage space for both office and craft supplies. I also use the closet for supplies. I’m well stocked and well organized, so I have no excuse to procrastinate (well, except the fast-approaching bed time and work and our 2 small businesses and … you get the idea).

I will likely begin with projects that involve my new Silhouette SD. I’m super excited about experimenting with it! I’m especially looking forward to projects involving vinyl (hmmm … I should put vinyl on an old vinyl album – is that the correct spelling? I don’t have time to research.). I have several ideas swirling around in my head.

Some of my Silhouette SD ideas:

  • personalized magnetic “paper dolls” for my little cousin, Juliette
  • a restroom sign to assist guests when they head down our hall
  • Subway art of our goals for 2011 (I know – I’m already late in the game!)
  • etching our last name on some of our Pyrex dishes to assist in identifying our dishes when at potluck dinners (then hosting a potluck dinner so it was worth the effort)
  • JAR Photography decals for our cars

I’m excited to get started! Maybe I’ll have time for a project this week. :O)

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