Flip It-Fold It

Joseph gave me a very practical gift for Valentine’s Day this year, a Flip It-Fold It. Because it was something I’ve wanted for years, I was totally OK with receiving a practical gift. The fact that Joseph remembered I wanted it was romantic. :O)

Valentine’s Day was well over a month ago, and I just used this wonderful gift for the first time today. It wasn’t at all because I didn’t want to use it. It was because I knew I wanted to refold everything using it rather than just starting with the laundry.

Today worked out to be a great day to get started with Joseph’s two t-shirt drawers. I’m going to share the excitement with you using step by step photos! Aren’t you so excited?

I hadn’t even taken it out of the box yet! I love opening things for the first time!

This is what it looks like, all ready for something to fold!

Start by placing the shirt with the front down (the back of the shirt will be facing you). If the shirt is longer than the folder, fold the bottom of the shirt so that it’s flush with the bottom edge of the folder.

Flip the left side.

Then flip the right side. (If you have any excess sleeve hanging over the edge, flip the left side again.)

Then flip up the middle.
You end up with perfectly folded garments that are all the same size and stack neatly.

Isn’t that beautiful?

Look how neat they look in the drawer!

Love it! There was enough room left behind the t-shirts that Joseph’s shorts will fit there as well. Yay!

Joseph, thank you for showing your love to me through a practical gift that made doing laundry a lot more fun! I love you!

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