Organizing My Coupons

I aspire to be a great couponer. For some, that isn’t a big deal. For others, you know being a great couponer could mean the ability to save our family a lot of money over the years. Having a good organizational system for coupons is a key element in my goal to be a great couponer.

For a while, I kept my coupons in a 3-ring binder. Rather than clipping all of the coupons from the inserts each week, I just punched holes in the inserts and put them in a binder. When planning my trips to the grocery stores and pharmacies each week, I use She matches coupons up with the sales each week. When she matches up the coupons, she mentions the insert containing the coupon. That’s the only way the 3-ring binder system worked for me so long. I liked it because it saved me a lot of time by not clipping coupons I didn’t end up using.

I decided a few days ago that it was time to change systems. It took a few days, but I’m all set and ready to go now. I bought a plastic container and alphabet dividers. I put an envelope behind each divider (I cut the flaps off). Then I filed the coupons by brand. Pretty simple.

The other thing I did was file my coupons electronically using an Excel spreadsheet. Now when I’m making my shopping lists using Southern Savers, I can search my spreadsheet to see if I have the coupons before I start digging through my box. It my seem like a lot, but I’m hoping it will save me a lot of time as I’m making my lists each week. Yes, it’s more time on the front end, but I decided I’m more interested in saving time on the shopping list end.

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