3 Projects

I have three projects on my to do list that I would like to finish over the course of the next couple of weeks. 1) I’d like to clean out our laundry closet so that only laundry supplies are left, along with empty shelves that I can use to store stockpile groceries and toiletries as I find good deals on them. 2) Our linen closet is a little out of control, partly because we have so many towels (there are 3 stacks of towels in the guest room). I’d like to put some of the towels in storage and straighten up everything on the shelves. 3) I’d like to make the guest room a place where guests feel comfortable and welcome. At one point, we had the guest room cleaned out enough that someone could sleep in it. Then we started using it as a dumping ground for anything that didn’t have a permanent home. The following pictures show you the chaos. :O)

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