Linen Closet

I decided to work on the linen closet first, because it would help me with the laundry closet and the guest room.

I started by pulling out all of the towels and putting them on our bed. I thought if I put them on the bed, I’d be motivated to finish.

I told you it was a lot of towels! We have a king size bed, and it was covered!

Another angle – I counted, and we have almost 50 bath towels (not counting hand towels, washcloths, or beach towels). That’s just a few too many for two people.

I decided to box up the bright and pretty ones, because those are my favorites, and I think those will make me the happiest when we un-box them. I kept out the brown ones that we chose to go with our hall bathroom and all of our old towels that we had before we got married.

The closet looks a lot better. We have a manageable number of towels in there now. I also pulled out a few sets of sheets to donate to Goodwill. We have enough for when guests come, and we don’t need more than that! There is also room again for extra blankets on the top shelf. I managed to clean out three stacks of towels and some blankets that were in the guest room.

I added a shoe organizer to the back of the door. It’s loaded with an assortment of things that were previously in the laundry closet. By using the space behind the linen closet door, I’ll have room for more stuff in the laundry closet.

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