High Dynamic Range

Before taking this Digital Photography class, I had no clue about High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos. They can be used to capture realistic images that have a high level of detail, and they can also become incredibly artistic images. If you know me well at all, you know that I’m a big fan of “keepin’ it real” in photography. Most of my editing is simple and clean, very natural looking (at least that’s what I strive for!). When my photography professor wanted us to turn in two HDR images that were “artistic”, I groaned a little. I told myself I’d do it for the grade, but I didn’t think I would enjoy them. Joseph and I headed off to Furman University at sunset, and I took several photos, hoping something would turn out halfway decent. Surprisingly, I really love these images! I hope you enjoy them, too!

Line Composition

In Digital Photography, we discussed numerous types of line composition than can be employed in photography. Then we went out and attempted those numerous types of line composition. Overall, my photos weren’t that thrilling! I tried – really, I did. Here are four of them anyway.

Horizon Line and C-Curve


Rule of Thirds

Leading Lines and Repetition

Train by The Swamp Rabbit Trail

In Digital Photography, we had an assignment to shoot black and white photographs (or convert the color photos to black and white during post processing). I found out about this old train car that sits by The Swamp Rabbit Trail, and I thought it would be a good fit for this assignment. Joseph very kindly went with me, and he helped me in and out of the train, even though many tears were shed (by me, not him … I’m terrified of heights, even four feet off the ground). I really enjoyed looking at the nooks and crannies of the train car and attempting to capture them from multiple points of view. We visited the train again about two weeks after I took these photos. Some of those images are mixed in with a couple of other posts I’ll share.

frame 01

frame 02

frame 03

frame 04

frame 05

frame 06

frame 07

Point of View

We had a point of view assignment in my Digital Photography class. All of the photos had to be taken from a height below our waists or above our heads. I was pleased with some of my photos, which I’m sharing below. Boy, oh, boy, though. Some of my classmates took some really creative photos! They were so good, in fact, that I felt really discouraged for a bit. I have to fight that. Rather than being down on myself because I’m not as creative or talented as my classmates, I need to push myself to work harder and think outside the box. I, too, could be a great photographer some day!

Oops! I didn’t mean to watermark these. Oh well!

Dustin and Kerith

Our friends Dustin and Kerith were kind enough to pose on two separate occasions for me, both at night. The first two photos were taken in Falls Park, using the available light from a street light that was a good distance away. The third photo was taken in downtown Simpsonville, again using the available light of a few street lights (or, in this case, sidewalk lights). Thanks, Dustin and Kerith! I appreciate your willingness to pose while I experiment!

Sims Family

For one of my assignments in Digital Photography, I needed to photograph people and compose them so that their heads were in a triangle formation. Our friends, the Sims, very graciously met me at Greer City Park for a mini photo shoot. Isn’t their little boy adorable? He has the sweetest smile and disposition! Thanks, Sims family!