Top Five Things to Say in Your Pursuit of a Husband

The last couple of months have been busy and fun and serious and reverent and giddy and everything in between. Most of my posts have been serious, so I thought I would share some fun.

Straight out of my for real memories. For real.

Rachelle Adams || Top Five Things to Say in Your Pursuit of a Husband

5. “I want to marry a youth minister!” – This one is to be said when you are the ONLY girl in a classroom FULL of boys taking Intro to Youth Ministry. The secret to this one is not fluttering your eyelashes or looking too eager. Instead, click your pen and open your textbook. Look very serious, while maintaining an air of willingness to get messy during youth night games. You want the guys to see you as studious, able to come alongside them when leading Bible studies, but able to cut loose and have fun with a bunch of teenagers. There is a very delicate balance to maintain, ladies.


4. Feel free to try this one in various scenarios. The key is the sweet sigh at the beginning of the statement. “Sigh,” emitted sweetly as the guy plucks away at his guitar, “I’ve always wanted to marry a guy who can play the guitar.” Swap out “can play the guitar” for just about anything: takes good care of his mother, is good with finances, makes good cheese grits, loves Genesis, appreciates Sonic Happy Hour, etc. Anything that comes out sounding more like a compliment and less like a proposal should be safe.


3. “I’m waiting to have my name engraved on my Bible. I’d really like my married last name to be on it since my current last name is just temporary.” Give him a quick glance. Then stare off into space as if you’re imaging your first name with his last name. Blushing a little will knock this one out of the park.


2. This next conversation works well in a parking lot. The distance from Walmart to his car should be just right. If you’re a freshman in college, this one is perfect for you. Start out with your hands in your pockets and your gaze directed to the ground. “I don’t know.” Loooong sigh. “I just have this feeling I’m not going to be able to have children. I think God’s preparing me to adopt.” Pause. Lock eyes with him. It’s very important that you do NOT look away. “I’m just praying God will send me a guy who is understanding and eager to adopt.” If he doesn’t start sweating and stammering and looking for his keys, you have a keeper.


1. This last conversation works great over the phone, especially if you just started dating. Make sure you’ve made very clear notes so you don’t forget anything. “So, I’ve been thinking about things, and I really think we could get married pretty quickly! I worked on a timeline of when we would tell our parents and our friends, when we could do pre-marital counseling, and when we could have the wedding. I think six weeks is plenty of time, don’t you?” If there is awkward silence, just fill it with more details from your timeline.


Yes, I said all of those things! No, I didn’t marry any of those guys! I’m sure all parties involved are thankful.

I married the right guy for me. The guy who didn’t need any crazy lines or really crazy timelines or fluttering eyelashes or long, sweet sighs. He just wanted me, even though I did say all those things to a bunch of other guys.

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