For Husby on Your 31st Birthday

My dearest Husby,Rachelle Adams || For Husby on Your 31st Birthday

This is your fifth birthday we’ve been able to spend together. Often, I wish that number were higher. I wish we had met sooner. You made my life so much better that I wish we had an earlier start together!

When we met, I was coming out of a pretty rotten time in my life. God used you to bring joy back into my heart. You brought life, fun, and laughter back to me. From those early days when we started hanging out taking pictures together, we began an adventure that has been the best of my life.

Every day, you display God’s grace to me. He has used you in countless ways in my life and in the lives of others to display His steadfast love. You have a gentleness about you (one that balances me out very well!) and a kindness that puts others before yourself. You serve others at your own expense and with joy in your heart. Service seems to come so naturally to you, and I know it’s the Holy Spirit at work in and through you each day.

I see Christ in you as you lead our family, as you serve in our church, and as you care for others. You point me to Christ as we make decisions, when I’m living my way instead of His, and when you love me well.

As we’ve stepped out in faith to answer God’s call to adopt, I’ve fallen in love with you all over again. You’re genuinely listening for God’s voice and seeking His guidance each step of the way. You’re confident this is what God wants for our family, and you’re not afraid of the challenges we’re going to face along the journey. I love the courage I’ve seen displayed in you over the last couple of months. I admire the man of God you are and the man of God you are becoming.

And, by the way, you are going to be THE best daddy! Our babies are so blessed already. I should go ahead and start shopping for Dad of the Year trophies and Best Dad Ever mugs and those My Dad Rocks t-shirts. You’re going to need all of that. :O)

I wish I were better with words so I could express the depths of my love for you. Just know they’re really deep! I hope you have the happiest of birthdays!

Now, let’s start that Star Wars marathon!

I love you moreb!


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