Exceedingly More

Rachelle Adams: Exceedingly More #adoption #fundraiser #yardsaleAs we’ve been preparing over the last several weeks for our adoption fundraiser yard sale, the phrase “exceedingly more” has drifted in and out of my mind more times that I can remember. As I watched God work through SO MANY people, I knew He was going to do exceedingly more than I imaged last month when I thought we’d have a few tables in our driveway and maybe make a few hundred dollars if people were generous. I’ll write a separate post about all the ways He did exceedingly more, but, for now, I know a whole lot of people who want to know how much money God raised for us today. So …


drum roll please …


Rachelle Adams || Exceedingly More #adoption #fundraiser #yardsale



God gets all the credit! Joseph and I could have never done this on our own. This is completely inadequate, but thank you to everyone who donated items, time, or above a given purchase price so we could be one step closer to starting our family. We are grateful, and we love you! We’d name our children after you, but that would be a REALLY long name!

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