One Less Orphan

“Did you know there are thousands of children in OUR country who can be adopted right now through DSS?” Yes, I did, and my heart aches for each one of them.


“Did you know it’s pretty much FREE to adopt through DSS?” Yes, because DSS is funded through the government, it is pretty much free to adopt through them, and I think that’s awesome!


“Did you know there are actually tons of BABY BOYS in China who need to be adopted, not just baby girls?” Yes, I did read that recently.


“My cousin’s neighbor’s dermatologist just adopted from somewhere in Africa! The baby is SO CUTE! Have you considered adopting from Africa?! You could have the CUTEST BABY EVERRRRRR!” Yes, I have considered adopting a child from Africa. For years. Maybe one day I will, even if that child is no longer the cutest baby ever.


I could go on. God LOVES orphans, and He LOVES it when His people adopt. I’ve heard enough stories to know He must be delighted every time a child is placed into a family and declared “an orphan no more!” It’s a beautiful picture of the Gospel.


No matter how it happens.


God called us to adopt through the private (yes, expensive) sector, and He has affirmed that many times for us. When we first sensed His leading in this direction, I felt guilty. I thought about all of the children in DSS who need homes RIGHT NOW. How could we deny them that? How could we deny a sibling group a family, knowing they may be in foster care for years before someone adopts them, if someone ever adopts them?


I had to stop thinking about it that way. The fact is, we can’t adopt every orphan. Buy us a mansion, fund all of the adoptions, and give us a huge annuity to live off of, and we’ll adopt more, but we still can’t adopt all of them.


But we can adopt one. (Or two or three or four or five eventually …)


We can follow the specific leading of the Holy Spirit for our family and trust He will place the very child into our family who was supposed to be here even before God spoke the world into being.


And then, we can trust His leading as we step into adoption again. Next time, that may look like adopting a sibling group through DSS. Or, it may look like adopting a little girl from India or a boy from Africa. I would love a diversity of adoption stories for our family.


I’ve learned something in this almost nine months of waiting: Every adoption story is unique, and every adoption story is beautiful.


Whether a family chooses to adopt through DSS, a private domestic agency, or an international agency, at the end of the process, there’s one less orphan, and that’s worth celebrating!


Every life matters. Every life has value, because every human being was created in God’s image. A child still in his mother’s womb as she makes the hardest decision of her life. A little boy in SC who was just taken from his home because his parents manufacture meth in their kitchen. A quiet baby lying in a crib in Russia who has learned no one will answer his cries. A teenage girl in TX who longs for someone to adopt her with all of her siblings before she ages out of the system. They all matter. 

So, what can you do today to ensure there’s one less orphan in the world? Adopt. Pray for others who are adopting. Give financially to enable someone you know to adopt. 

One less orphan. 

We can all get behind that.    Rachelle Adams || One Less Orphan #adoption

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