Nine Months

Today is the nine month anniversary of God calling us to adopt. It’s a day I’ve been dreading and anticipated would be sad, but I’ve decided to enjoy today instead!


I’ve been dreading today because I had in my mind that we would have a baby by now. I’ve heard three sets of adoption stories pretty commonly: 1) From the day God called the couple to adopt to the day they had a baby in their arms was roughly three months or less. 2) From beginning to end took about nine months, which is precious and significant, because that’s full term gestation for a pregnancy. 3) The wait was LONG, as in a year or two or four.


When we passed the first milestone, I was bummed (I love it when things happen quickly), but I resigned myself to thinking we would be in the second category. We would have a sweet nine month story and a baby (maybe babies!) in our arms. I looked forward to September with such hope, at times with a peaceful assurance that God had written a nine month story for us.


If you’ve been keeping up with our story at all, you know there is no baby in our arms today. I think we’re going to be in category three, and that has caused all sorts of fear lately.


But not today!


Today, I’m not going to be afraid. I am going to enjoy this day!


I woke up to a notification that a sweet friend, an adoptive mommy who knows the wait so well, had posted a song on Facebook for me to hear. It was beautiful and perfect, and I soaked it in this morning. My favorite line is “You can do more in my waiting that in my doin’ I could do.” Yep. The Lord has been whispering this to my soul the last few weeks.




I spent time in the Word. I cuddled with my husband. And my cat. I asked Joseph for lots of hugs (I’m sure I’ll be asking for more!), and I savored being in the comfort of his embrace. I danced in front of the mirror. It’s really hard not to laugh when I’m watching myself dance! HAHA! I have lunch plans with friends (God was sweet in the timing of that), and Joseph and I have plans to spend the rest of the day together. We’re going to do a little shopping and paint canvases to hang in the baby’s room. Our goal is to fill the nursery with Scripture.


Joseph and I were filled with SO MUCH JOY when God confirmed it was time to adopt. I want to recapture that today. It’s the best way I know to honor such a sweet little anniversary. :O)


Rachelle Adams || Nine Months #adoption #waiting
Christmas 2014 – so much joy!


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