Shifting Attitude

Thursday, our day started with a we’re-thankful-because-it-could-have-been-worse moment. You know what I mean? The kind of moment when you feel frustrated, but you have to stop and remind yourself to be thankful, because it could have been worse.


Huxtable, our cat, must have heard something outside in the middle of the night that got him in a tizzy. Nothing new there. This time, however, presumably in his attempt to look out of the kitchen window, he turned the faucet on full blast. When Joseph entered the kitchen to make my lunch (so sweet!), he discovered a wet floor. Yikes. Thankfully, it wasn’t awful. There wasn’t so much water that it ruined the flooring. It was just an inconvenience, but it started the day out a little wonky.


Our day came to a close with the contents of Huxtable’s litter box spilling onto our bedroom carpet. Joseph lugged the shop vac in and cleaned up the mess so I could get to the bed without tracking little pieces of litter onto the sheets. As Joseph served selflessly and without complaining, I smiled and thought about what a good daddy he’s going to be.


As we settled in for a little pillow talk before drifting off to sleep, we started talking about the events of the day. The wet floor and the kitty litter sandwiched a borderline terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for Joseph. He kept telling me things that happened, and I busted out laughing each time. “I forgot about that!” I exclaimed with each story. Over and over. He was understandably less amused than I was, but I couldn’t stop laughing.


With all of that laughing about our day (sorry, Joseph!), I think my attitude shifted a bit. God was opening my eyes to His goodness and softening my heart about our current circumstances.


I felt the shift a little more yesterday morning. I was gathering the money we needed to deposit into our adoption fund. Shocked, I told Joseph, “We have $475 to deposit!” Over the last two weeks, God had provided through a few different means, and that added up to a chunk of the money we still needed to raise. I had to praise Him! I’ve been discouraged lately, and He’s still been faithful.


A good reminder: His faithfulness doesn’t depend on me!




I felt joy bubbling back up a little.


We had a good photo shoot. We danced in the car. We ate yummy leftovers. We went for a frozen yogurt date. We watched a few episodes of Fixer Upper. We went on a late night run to fill the car with pallets. (Haha! That sounded like we ran. We did not.)




So good!


I still have a LONG way to go, but my attitude is shifting, and I’m thankful. I’ve missed feeling joyful on a regular basis. I long to feel joy in the midst of waiting for our child. I want to look back on this season with fondness, not embarrassment.


God is faithful, and He is at work. This wait is part of that work, and I’m going to enjoy it!


Rachelle Adams || Shifting Attitude #adoption

2 thoughts on “Shifting Attitude

  1. Rachelle, I love fixer upper and have joined the facebook page that is for fans of fixer upper. I think of you often as I see projects people have completed for their own use or some for sale. The mention of pallets made me remember all the crafts they are doing. Do you follow that page? If not, catch up with it. Some wonderful ideas. I especially like one of chairs made from pallets and used as yard planters, painted in vivid colors. There is another using pallets for yard signs resembling Santa & Scarecrows.


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