When I Met You

When I met you, I was a little rough around the edges. Once a fairly cheerful and optimistic person, I was jaded, skeptical, and calloused. I had left a situation a few months prior that frightens me when I look back on it.


Out of near desperation for friendship and strengthening my relationship with the Lord, I entered a room filled with singles (or at least not-married-yets) who gathered a couple of times a month to discuss the sermon and encourage one another. I was nervous and self-conscious. Extremely self-conscious. Extremely nervous. I don’t remember meeting you, but I don’t really remember meeting anyone. I remember surviving and thinking I would be OK returning in a couple of weeks.


Seven years have passed, and I almost don’t remember how we transitioned from that first meeting to falling in love. I think it was like a snowball. We started slowly and ramped up pretty quickly. You were smart and goofy and fun and didn’t seem to mind my rough exterior. In fact, you chipped away slowly at that exterior and brought me back to life.


You showed me Christ. You helped me have fun again. You became my best friend and the man with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life. You did it one laugh at a time.


Rachelle Adams || When I Met You #marriage #valentinesday #anniversary
We had so much fun at Bald Rock!


Rachelle Adams || When I Met You #marriage #valentinesday #anniversary
Almost seven years later, this is still one of my favorite pictures of us!


You modeled servanthood to me, always putting others before yourself. You were patient with me. You waited a whole four months to propose to me! (A month in, I would have happily run off into the sunset with you.)


Rachelle Adams || When I Met You #marriage #valentinesday #anniversary
Remember that time we took our own engagement photos? So much fun!


You’ve loved me well these last seven years, better than I’ve loved you. You’ve helped me learn the power of forgiveness, and you don’t hold grudges against me (thank you for that!!). You work HARD to provide for our family, and I admire and respect you so much.


Watching you become a daddy, I feel like I’m meeting you and falling in love with you all over again. You are selfless, always saying Asher’s needs are more important than your own (Philippians 2:4). You wash all the bottles, and you don’t grumble when I can’t seem to wake up in the middle of the night to feed Asher. You can’t wait to come home to see us every day.


Rachelle Adams || When I Met You #marriage #valentinesday #anniversary
I love the way you look at our son. So in love!


Rachelle Adams || When I Met You #marriage #valentinesday #anniversary


Rachelle Adams || When I Met You #marriage #valentinesday #anniversary
You’re still the best at the football hold!


Rachelle Adams || When I Met You #marriage #valentinesday #anniversary
You care so well for our boy!


You are a man of integrity, a man I can admire, a man I love to point to and say, “He’s my husband!” You bring joy and laughter into my life. You’re the best at telling dad jokes.


I’m so thankful I met you seven years ago today. I’m grateful God wrote us into his story, and I can’t wait to continue watching it unfold. I love you!


Rachelle Adams || When I Met You #marriage #valentinesday #anniversary

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