Finding Freedom

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Today is a special day for celebrating the freedoms we have as a country, but, lately, I’ve also been pondering my freedom in Christ.


For years, I’ve felt weighed down by hurtful, damaging words that were said to me by a loved one, by her actions that tore me down rather than building me up. I allowed myself to find my identity in those words and actions, rather than finding my identity in Christ. Rather than living the abundant life I could have in Christ (see John 10:10), I lived in bondage. Rather than looking to what God says about me, I looked to what this person said about me.


I want that to change!


I want freedom in Christ!


As I was thinking and praying about this over the weekend, I remembered a list in the book Victory Over the Darkness by Neil T. Anderson. His list focuses on who we are in Christ, and it is great truth to speak over yourself and others.


In fact, it’s so great that I decided to finally create my first vlog for you and speak that truth over you, my kind readers. I’m also including the list in a PDF below that you can open and print so you’ll have it handy to remind yourself of who you are in Christ.




Click the link below to download the PDF.



I hope you found this truth encouraging today, and please pass it along to anyone you know who may need a reminder of his/her identity in Christ.

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