Free Printables: Speak, O Lord

Rachelle Adams || Free Printables: Speak, O Lord Lyrics

One of the most powerful songs we sing at church is Speak, O Lord by Keith Getty. The lyrics read as a prayer to the Lord, asking Him to speak to us through His Word.

Sometimes, I enjoy lifting up these words to the Lord as I sit down to read my Bible, and, often, the song is playing in my head. I thought it could be nice to have a printout of the lyrics tucked in my Bible, because I don’t have all of the words memorized. Since I was creating a printable for myself, I thought I would share with you!

I created these as 5x7s so they would fit inside most Bibles. Thank you, Rita, for sharing the digital paper I used as the backgrounds. (Links to the specific papers are at the end of the post.)

I printed mine on card stock, which should hold up well. I may laminate it, since I’m always looking for a reason to use my laminator! Enjoy!

Rachelle Adams || Free Printables: Speak, O Lord Lyrics


Rachelle Adams || Free Printable: Speak, O Lord Lyricsdownload Speak O Lord stripes (grey)

Rachelle Adams || Free Printable: Speak, O Lord Lyricsdownload Speak O Lord pink stripes

Rachelle Adams || Free Printable: Speak, O Lord Lyricsdownload Speak O Lord dots

Rachelle Adams || Free Printable: Speak, O Lord Lyricsdownload Speak O Lord diamonds

These printables are free for personal use only. The backgrounds were created by Rita at The CoffeeShop Blog. The grey backgrounds can be found here, and the pink ones can be found here.

Silhouette Weekly Shape Challenge: Banners

The Silhouette Weekly Shape Challenge this week was a great shape that contained six different banners (what a great deal for 99 cents!). I decided to accept the challenge, and I’m glad I did. It pushed me to make more creative Mother’s Day cards than I had in my mind originally, and I learned how to use sketch pens. Thanks for the challenge, Silhouette team!

I made six of these, with a variety of background papers. It doesn’t show up well in the photo, but I added twine to the banner, which gave the card a little texture. To add a little dimension, I used foam adhesive circles to adhere the banner to the card. 

Flower Headband

I have another sweet girl in my life for whom I wanted to make a gift. Her mom said she likes headbands, so I did a Google search for a simple tutorial. My search led me to Cait’s tutorial over at A Bicycle Built for Two. Her tutorial was very simple, clear, and easy to follow. Again, since her tutorial was so good, I’m only going to post photos of my final product. I hope the recipient loves it as much as I do!
Note: I only did one thing different from the tutorial. Rather than hot gluing everything, I hand sewed it all together. I’m sure the hot glue works great, but I was hoping sewing would make the flower more secure over time.

Pearl and Ribbon Necklaces with Gift Boxes

I have two young ladies in my life to whom I wanted to give gifts. Our budget is a little tight right now, so homemade gifts are perfect. I came across a tutorial for ribbon and pearl necklaces on Pinterest. Stevie at The Moore Babies created a ribbon and pearl necklace for game day. I knew this would be a great gift for both girls. I created one in black and one in blue. As I was perusing Dollar Store Crafts, I found a tutorial for gift boxes using Laughing Cow cheese boxes. I decided to try those for the necklaces. Both tutorials are great, so I’m just going to include some photos of the final products.
Please forgive the poor quality of the photos. I don’t know why I insist on using my point and shoot when we have nice cameras that would do a better job!

The boxes will work fine, but I wasn’t 100% pleased with how they turned out. The person who wrote the tutorial did a much better job!
I am pleased overall with how the necklaces turned out. I think they cost me between $3-4 a piece, which fit our budget nicely.

Crocheting Newborn Photography Props

I’ve been unemployed from my full-time job since March 1, 2011. I’ve been praying about and pondering how I could earn a little extra income from home. I know how to crochet, so the idea of crocheting photography props seemed like a good place to start. We likely will not get rich from crocheted photography props, but, as long as they sell, I think I can make a little money for us. Also, it will give me another creative outlet while I’m at home alone a lot.
I’m so grateful that there are people in the blogosphere who are willing to share their knowledge and create tutorials.
I found a tutorial here for the newborn nesting bowl. It was really easy to follow, and I’m pleased with the final product. I didn’t end up with as many rows as the pattern said there would be, but I think a newborn would fit in the nesting bowl if my Cabbage Patch doll does. It’s also fairly stretchy.

Crochet Geek is probably my favorite reference blog now. She provides excellent written and video tutorials. I’ve learned a lot just in a couple of days. I found the pattern I used for this fuzzy newborn hat on her site.

I would really appreciate your prayers as I take a few steps on this journey over the next several days. I purchased enough yarn to make seven newborn nesting bowls. My goal is to post them on Faceboook as I complete them and try to sell them for $20 each. They go for more than that on Etsy, so I think $20 is a good place to start. I’m hoping to get them in the hands of some of my photographer friends who could help me spread the word. We’ll see how it goes!

Mail Holder Makeover – Silhouette SD

This is a project I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I was putting it off until my craft room was cleaned up. Crafting is much easier when I can actually sit at my work space. :O)
I purchased this mail holder from Goodwill for $3. It still had the Target price sticker on it where it had been clearanced, so I don’t think it had been used (the price sticker was on the front of the mail holder). My goal was to clean it up (it had been sitting around for a long time …), spray paint it black, and use my Silhouette to create “IN” and “OUT” labels for it. Simple.
The more I thought about it, simple “IN” and “OUT” labels didn’t seem to have enough pizzazz for me. I didn’t want anything flashy, but I wanted more than just “IN” and “OUT”. In hindsight, the simplicity of the “IN” and “OUT” would have saved me a lot of time this afternoon, but I’m still glad I chose to do something different. :O)

I mentioned that I wanted to clean it up first. There were three Goodwill price stickers (Have you noticed that Goodwill always puts a lot of price stickers on their items? I suppose they want to prevent price switching.), a stack of Target price stickers, and the original bar code sticker on it. Some of the stickers came off easily, but some were tricky. I purchased this bottle of un-du adhesive remover several years ago. It’s was marketed for scrapbooking, but it comes in handy for removing stickers. It almost always works, and this time was no disappointment.

This is the final product. The top bin is for mail we receive, and the bottom bin is for mail going out. Isn’t that so much cuter than just “IN” and “OUT”?

If you ever come to our house, please promise me you won’t look at the paint job. I think I should have sanded the mail holder first. The finish on it reminded me of the white shelving units that can be purchased in boxes and assembled. I tried painting one of those, and I could scrape the paint off with my fingernail. This project didn’t turn out that severe, but it has a very uneven finish, even after multiple coats of spray paint. From a distance, it still looks nice. That’s all that matters, right? Projects that look good from a distance = successful projects, right? Right?
I hung the mail holder on our entry wall that is by our front door. We don’t have a mud room, but this works for us. I need to add a small picture above the mail holder. Maybe I could just add an empty frame to match the other two empty picture frames that are hanging on the wall. We’ve only had the house a year and a half. I still need more time to decide on which pictures will go in those frames. Maybe I’ll decide before the 5 year mark … maybe … I make no promises.

Thanks for reading! It makes me feel special. :O)
I thought I would attempt to link to Tatertots and Jello’s weekend wrap-up party. Let’s see how it goes.